September 22, 2017

3 Tips for Selling Your Home in Fall

The real estate market may take off in the summer but there are still many people searching for a new home in the fall. However fall does bring some new challenges to selling your property. Take a look at some tips below to ensure your home looks great for that next buyer who walks through the door.

1.)    Let there be light! One reason why so many houses sell in the summer is because they simply *look* great. The long days and sunlight provide a beautiful backdrop for any home. In the fall, the days get shorter and the weather is more overcast. Be sure to open up those blinds to let as much natural light into your home as possible. It will help show off your home and make it seem more open.


2.)    Rake. Once the leaves start falling, they won’t stop. And neither should you. A well kept-lawn can go a long way in making a good first impression. If you allow leaves to cover a lawn or walkway, not only does it make it difficult for buyers to see your homes potential, it will also kill the grass beneath it if left too long.

3.)    Decorate. But not too much! Some tasteful fall décor like an autumn wreath can help set the tone of the season and allow buyers to see what could be possible. Be careful not to go over the top though. Even if you’re known for having the best haunted house on the block come Halloween, go ahead and skip the skeletons and tombstones on the lawn this year when trying to sell your home.

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