June 28, 2016

You’ll Know

With thousands of houses on the market in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, it can seem overwhelming when you start looking for a home. But one truth that we can state confidently after 25 years in the business is simply: You’ll know.

Whether you look at one, 10, 20, or 100 houses, you will know when you walk into the one that will be your home. This is hard to explain, especially to first-time buyers, but just like how you can get a negative feeling when you walk into a house, you can also get an incredibly positive one that screams, “This is it!”

Perhaps a house has a kitchen that you can’t help but see yourself cooking in. Or maybe you find a home with a big backyard where you envision your kids playing. It could even be as simple as seeing a fireplace and you immediately begin decorating the mantle in your mind.


It has less to do with checking things off of your “must-have list” and more to do with the feeling that you get when you set foot inside.

Now, you may have thought you had this feeling before and even made offers on multiple properties that were not accepted. Think close about that house you made an offer on though. Did it really feel like home to you? Did it cause you to compromise too much on some things you wanted? Would it have been too big of a stretch financially? From our experience if you think hard about it, there is usually something about that place that didn’t feel right for you, even if you can’t explain what it is.

Buying a home is a huge decision and we are here to work with you through each step. We won’t stop until we find the home that is right for you so that one day you will walk into a house and that voice inside you will scream, “This is it.” And you’ll know.

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